Assessments and Accommodations

Microsoft Word document on informal assessment accommodation: Informal Assessment Accommodations

Microsoft Word document of two formal spelling assessments-one modified (6th grade Language Arts): Spelling Test


Informal Assessment Accommodations

1.)     When giving a lesson on Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” speech, I made accommodations for students with learning disabilities by giving them a text that was modified so they could follow what we were doing better.  This text exchanged some of the older language with language that would be more common to them, and eliminated some of the odd sentence structure that was featured in the speech.  While the class had silent reading on this assignment, I allowed for the students to go out of the room with their aid so they could all read it aloud together, or so she could read it to them.  I feel that this was a better way to benefit the students because it was closer to standard text than the actual speech, and it would allow them to show their skills verbally, if they could not do so in writing or on their own.  When doing the assessment activity (which I will mention next) the students responded well to the modified text.

2.)     When using a LINCs chart, I omitted half of the assignment, so as to give the students with learning disabilities the same amount of time to do the work, with the same work.  This way, instead of having four examples to create, they only had two, so that the amount of time allotted would be enough for them to finish the assignment.  I had given the class words to plug into the chart, and for the students with special needs, I individualized words to fill into the chart.  For those with trouble writing, they could submit verbally, either to myself or the aid, what they would like to do with the chart and we would assess their learning based on their verbal response.




Spelling Test:

1.)    Curtain

2.)    Certain

3.)    Button

4.)    Inject

5.)    Reject

6.)    Object

7.)    Believe

8.)    Receive

9.)    Conceive

10.)  Reprieve

Modified spelling test:

1.)    Lives

2.)    Life

3.)    Knife

4.)    Knives

5.)    Swim

6.)    Grime

7.)    Flame

8.)    Dare

9.)    Boat

10.)  Court


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