Word document of my letter to parents: Greetings parents

Word document of my teaching philosophy: philosophy

Letter to Parents:

Greetings parents,

My name is Craig Thompson; I am a Radford University student teacher.  This semester I will be student teaching under Mr. Lavery, a World History II teacher at PCHS.  If you are reading this letter, that means your son or daughter is going to be one of my students.  I look forward to working with your child, and strongly encourage you to contact me at any time you see fit.  To tell you a bit about myself: I am currently seeking my teaching license for Social Studies, grades 6-12.  I graduated from Radford University in 2007 with a Social Science and History degree.  In my years between graduating from Radford and this student teaching semester, I worked various types of jobs.  I worked at various restaurants, but mainly Bella’s Pizza/Subs in Abingdon, Virginia.  I still work there on weekends that I am needed, which are only their hot spot weekends.  While living in Abingdon, I also had a stint working for my father, who is a retired teacher that had a house painting business.  I worked part time as a mentor to a few kids in foster homes, as well.  I got back onto my teaching path because I wanted to focus my career more on education than odd jobs.  I will be at the school every Monday-Friday, so if you need me, you can reach me there, or by E-mail or cell phone, which I will provide at the bottom of the letter.  Look forward to meeting any or all of you.


Craig Thompson



Teaching Philosophy

Mr. Thompson’s Teaching Philosophy

          When in the classroom, I want to instill an appreciation for education, as much as possible, into my students.  I wish to do this by showing them the value of education, and where it can take them in life.  I want to provide those students who have never thought about going to college, or did not think it was possible, with information on how they can pursue a higher education.  This pertains mainly to those students with a lower socioeconomic status.  This can also pertain to those students who have never found an interest in education, therefore have not performed well, but would like to turn over a new leaf.  For those students who do not wish to pursue further education, I would like to provide them with literacy that could help them in any walk of life.


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