Field Experience

I have had field experience in both the middle school and high school levels.  In my early field experience, or blocking, I was placed in Pulaski County High School.  Here I was involved in the classroom of two 90 minute blocks of World History I-Academic, and one 90 minute block of World History I-Honors.  I was involved in preparing and teaching topics of human development in the Paleolithic Era until the agricultural revolutions(WHI.2), ancient river valley civilizations (WHI.3), civilizations of Persia, India, and China (WHI.4), and Ancient Greece and its impact on western civilization (WHI.5). 

My middle school experience came at Blacksburg Middle School, where I was involved in a 6th grade class.  Here I had three classes of Language Arts and two classes of Social Studies.  Here I helped prepare and teach topics in US History to 1865.  the following SOL standards are included: European explorations in North America and West Africa (USI. 4), factors that helped shape Colonial America (USI.5), causes of the American Revolution (USI.6 a,b).

I will be student teaching at Pulaski County High School in the Spring of 2010.  I will be teaching World History II.


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