Grant Opportunities

Microsoft Word document of grant opportunities: Grant Opportunities



ING Unsung Heroes: This grant offers a $2,000 reward payable to either a teacher or a school.  This grant is committed to rewarding teachers with new, creative methods in the classrooms that serve as a positive influence on kids and improve learning.  There are 100 finalists for the award, with each state being represented. 

 Music is Revolution: This grant offers $500 grants to public school teachers who incorporate music education in their classrooms.  The grant was started by Michael Davis, of the MC5, and aims at teachers in all curriculums, not limited to music teachers.

Fulbright Classroom Teacher Exchange Program: This grant offers opportunities for U.S. teachers to participate in direct exchange with teachers from another country.  By working in other cultures, teachers will gain an understanding and appreciation for other cultures, and be able to bring these experiences to the classroom.  The students will also benefit from learning from a teacher of a different culture.  This grant does not have a set amount of money.

Jordan Fundamentals Grant Program: This grant offers up to $2,500 and recognizes outstanding teaching and instruction of creativity in secondary public schools.  It focuses mainly on schools in lower socioeconomic districts.


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