Craig Thompson

Early Field Experience Reflection

                After completing my early field experience at Pulaski High School and Blacksburg Middle School, it became apparent how different the two experiences are.  Both have their positives, and I cannot say either one is better than the other.  The main difference between each level has to do with content versus planning.

                At Pulaski County High School, I got to teach World History I.  Here I got to teach a decent amount of content towards the beginning of the year.  Here I got to take part of a classroom for seven weeks.  In the time I was there, we covered from the Mesozoic Era through the Classical Greek Empire.  What I enjoyed the most about the high school was the class structure.  We had 90 minute block periods, this way, it was much easier for my mentor teacher and I to get through material quicker.  The fact that high school was content heavy made the transition to the classroom more convenient.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well the students learned, and tried in the classroom as well.

                Blacksburg Middle was a bit different.  I was in a sixth grade Language Arts and Social Studies class.  The part that I noticed, that I did not think about, was the amount of planning that goes into not only a lesson, but the class in general as well.  It was much more enjoyable because you see the same students multiple times a day, and can really build more camaraderie with them.  Teaching middle school was something I really had not considered, but now I might prefer it.

                Both experiences were great, and I feel as though without them, I would not be nearly as excited about teaching as I am.  The experiences were different in nature, but still instilled the same confidence in leading a classroom, no matter what the level.  It was a learning experience that was necessary for me to get my feet wet.



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