Social Studies Knowledge


Record of Courses

Human Development 300–Grade: A
EDEF 320–Grade: A
EDET 445–Grade: A
EDRD 416–Grade: B
EDSP 404–Grade: A
EDUC 440–Grade: A
EDUC 441–Grade: P (Pass/Fail)

HIST 101: World History to 1650–Grade: B
HIST 102: World History After 1650–Grade: B
HIST 111: US History to 1877–Grade: B
HIST 112: US History after 1877–Grade: A
HIST 316: Colonial Latin America–Grade: B
HIST 342: Revolutionary Europe–Grade: B
HIST 345: Czarist Russia–Grade: B
HIST 349: Germany: Bismarck to Hitler–Grade: B
HIST 355: Social History of US–Grade: B
HIST 373: Appalachian History–Grade: A
HIST 392: Sounds of the South–Grade: A

Political Science
POSC 130: Comparative Politics–Grade: C
POSC 120: Intro to American Government–Grade: A
POSC 300: Public Administration–Grade: B
POSC 333: Judicial Process–Grade: A
POSC 342: Gov’t Policy of Russia–Grade: B

Practicum/Clinical Experience
Pulaski County High School-World History I
Blacksburg Middle School-6th grade Social Studies and Language Arts


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